30/01/2017                           Assessment 003


In this week’s lecture we carried on with video recording. This time we learned about sequences. These are mainly used in TV packages to cover up any shots that perhaps haven’t been recorded or to extend the time with a voice over piece.

We then re-used the equipment from last time, but also had a much bigger tripod so we could record and get to grips with another piece of equipment. The tripod helps us to keep the camera sturdy and also for when it is only one of us using the whole kit and needing to take an interview.

We got into our group to record our footage and afterwards we showed it to our lecturer who said that;  We had the camera slight too high, again to think about the rule of 3’s. Build sequences up together and have different sizes of shots.

In order to try and make a better sequence, I shall try and use a more variety of shots when recording the same object to make the feature. Whether this be having closer details of a particular part or using more angled wide shots. Another improvement I can make is getting more practice with the bigger tripod so that I can adjust myself and get use to of what the correct height needs to be for the camera.