13/02/2017                                    Assessment 003


In this week’s lecture we carried on with sequences. We now learned about building sequences where before an interview there are three to five build up shots to build up the story to the audience.

We were then introduced on how to edit with iMovie on the iPhones. We were shown how to split clips and overlap them so that another shot could be used with the audio track playing in time with the shot.

We went out to shoot our own sequence and to edit on iMovie. Once we completed our piece we showed it to our lecturer with this feedback;

We had good lighting in the shot with also a good interviewing position. We also had a good use of cutaways in our sequence piece. However, we had a limited use of sequence build up shots, meaning we had more of an interview with some other shots rather than an interview with a build-up.

In order to improve, I shall make sure that any shot ideas that could be possibly used as a sequence shot I will record so then I have a good amount of footage to choose from, so when editing a proper sequence can be made.