20/02/2017                                    Assessment 003


In this week’s lecture, we learned about how to use the bigger cameras (JVC Pros, as used by the BBC). This was because we were going to be filming a sequence that would need certain shots that were better filmed by this particular camera.

We were tasked with carrying out on making a sequence of a person doing a particular action, ours was a vending machine. We needed to consider the types of shot that would look good before we had to film an interview as well.

Once we had recorded our piece, we showed it to our lecturer who’s feedback was; we had a good use of shots and that we were confidence in the zoom. The range of shots was impressive. However, during the interview there was a little bit of dead-space, and that the interviewer was centred. Finally it would have made more sense to have held the interview in a similar geographical location.

In order to try and improve I would make my shots more tighter so that less dead space would be captured and that making sure during the interview, that they stand still so it keeps the continuity of the shot, whilst also filming it at a location that matches the story.