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The England National Team has never seen glory past 1966 when winning the World Cup. Ever since it has been disappointment from either poor penalty shootouts, unlucky judgements or shock defeats.

Perhaps the most remembered was the surprise defeat to Iceland back in the 2016 Euros in France. England had struggled throughout the 3 qualifying games and only won one out of three before losing 2-1 to Iceland. It was more of a shock considering how good some of the English players had performed during the season and against France and Germany in the friendly’s.   Harry Kane never scored throughout the competition.

So can England deliver in the next major tournament and how can they do this?

Now that most of the young England players have had some major tournament experience, they should be fully aware of what is expected of them, the challenges they face and the quality of opponents should never be underestimated.

The change in management is perhaps a good one. Gareth Southgate is a manager who has worked with most of these player’s such as Kane, Rashford and Alli before in the U21’s squad. With the manager having experience with these groups of players, Southgate can probably know how to get the best out of them.

Another factor that is showing England are going in the right direction is the chance of youth and young players. Experience is important such as players like Cahill and Hart, but the using of youth as mentioned before will help them grow into more matured players for future tournaments. Most have the experience of playing in one of Europe’s top league’s and they now need to try and use that quality on the international stage.

Finally, is a way for the FA to try and introduce a rule that Clubs need to have one or two English youth players on their bench. Manchester City and Chelsea are the worst for this. Chelsea in particular as they have won the FA youth cup four times in a row and not one single youth player has made an official place into the first team, they are either loaned out or eventually sold. The London’s youth team is without a doubt the best in the country and if they could use that talent in the Premier League more often it could perhaps give England’s National Team more success in the future?